I’m so glad we’ve connected! It is my hope that I not only inspire you in your journey as an educator but that you will inspire me. It is my goal to provide you (a homeschooling parent) with encouragement, relevant facts and information, outstanding resources, and inspiration which will spark your inner creatively regardless of how deep it may be buried.

The decision to educate at home may possibly be the most influential decision you will ever make for your child. Home education transforms the way you – the parent – perceives everyday life, everyday activities and everyday kiddo questions.  Regardless of your reason for homeschooling, your teaching methods, your curriculum choices or your classroom settings there is one principle which will safely guide your journey: teach them how to learn and the rest will follow.

When we began our homeschool journey the questions which rambled in my head echoed thoughts like….

  • “I have a college degree but can I really teach someone how to read?”
  • “Where do we start?”
  • “What happens when it is time for algebra?”
  • “When do we start?”
  • “What if she hates it… or worst yet, hates me for choosing homeschool?”
  • “Can I do this and work?”
  • “Will she end up in therapy?”
  • “How does one choose a curriculum?”
  • “What will our friends and family think about this?”
  • “Who else in my community is homeschooling?”
  • “How do I connect with other homeschoolers?”
  • “Who do I need to tell to remain legal with the state (Pennsylvania in our case)?”
  • “How do I adequately address socialization?”
  • “What if it doesn’t work and we have to admit defeat?”

Now that we have embarked on the journey I have been able to make sense of many of my initial questions. Consequently, I now have a new list of questions-shocking, right? The point is I have gotten the majority of my answers (and encouragement) from networking with homeschool parents, reading blogs and chatting with homeschooled kids directly. That is when I realized that importance of blogging myself. If I can in any way help another homeschool parent in their quest to achieve academic success at home I will be elated. We, the homeschool community at large, are one another’s support system. Our ability to succeed with our most treasured goals hinges on our willingness to share our successes, our failures, and our most valuable resources with one another. That is what you will find here.